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How do I go about Resetting or Reconfiguring my DG5 board.

Issue: DG5 Configuring the unit type
Product line: DG5
Environment: Data Center Cooling
1. Path: Blank Button >> enter (curser will move to the model above Software) >> Temp. and Run Hours at the same time (curser will move below the Software Ver. # >> Down arrow >> enter
2. You will have to wait a few second then you will be in the Configuration screen
3. Press enter to move the curser to Model
4. Use the Up or Down arrow to select your model.
a. Models Available: CCT-DX, CCT-CW, CG, Versacool, AFX-1, AFX-2, Ceiling Mount-DX, Ceiling Mount-CW, Techcool-DX, Techcool-CW
5. Press the enter after selecting the correct model
6. When you see the Digital Inputs page scroll down with the down arrow as fast as possible.
NOTE: Do not worry about the Input and Output setting at this time. It will default to the factory settings and can be changed later in the Factory Setup Menu.
7. When asked to turn the unit off, you will need to cycle the power at the circuit breaker.
8. Turn the unit back on after waiting 5 seconds.
9. The unit you selected should be no the main screen above the Software version.
NOTE: If you do not see this Software version screen press the Blank Button.

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