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KVM0216A KVM Series Bus Communication Behavior


KVM0216A KVM Series Bus Communication Behavior

Product Line
  • KVM Switches
    • KVM0216A Enterprise Analog

  • All installations


The next generation enterprise analog KVM boasts (2) local console users, and (16) ports. It also supports (1) or (2) bus cascading. When a local connection is simultaneously being used with a cascade connection, some pieces of information should be taken under advisement for expected (2) user operation.


On the KVM0216A, the front DB-15 connection port is for use with an optional AP5717/AP5719 Rack LCD Console with the KVM-LCDMOUNT kit. This front port, the top cascade port (Cascade 2) and local console #2 are both using bus 2, while the bottom Cascade port (Cascade 1) and local console #1 are using bus 1.


1Power LED
2Server Port Status LED Indicators
3Rack LCD Console Connection
4Pinhole Reset Button
5USB Ports for Virtual Media/Firmware Upgrade






Input Power #1


Input Power #2


PDU Ports #1 and #2


Local Console #1


Local Console #2


Cascade Ports - Cascade 2 (top), Cascade 1 (bottom)


Server Ports

  • Bus 1 priority: Cascade Port 1 (bottom port) > Local Console #1
  • Bus 2 priority: Rack LCD Console (Front port) > Cascade Port 2 (Top Port) > Local Console #2
  • Bus 1 & Bus 2 are independent from each other

If the priorities are not taken into account, a user may see the following message upon trying to use a local console connection:


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