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SNMP OIDs Required for Rack PDU 2G Products (AP86XX, AP88XX, AP89XX)


SNMP OIDs required for Rack PDU 2G products - which are correct?

Product Line:
  • Rack Power Distribution 2G products
    • AP88XX Metered Rack PDU 2G
    • AP89XX Switched Rack PDU 2G
    • AP86XX Switched Rack PDU with Metering By Outlet
    • AP84XX Metered by Outlet Rack PDU

  • All serial numbers
  • All firmware versions
  • Users utilizing SNMP for polling


APC's Next Generation Rack PDUs (AP84XX, AP86XX, AP88XX, AP89XX) utilize a separate MIB subtree for querying values via SNMP. These devices are able to report voltage, amps, volts, kW, and kWh, rather than just amps like their predecessors.


In order to query any Rack PDU 2G units via SNMP, the subtree is located at that the following OID:
  • .iso.org.dod.internet.private.enterprises.apc.products.hardware.rPDU2
The Rack PDU 2G may respond to certain Rack PDU 1G (AP78XX, AP79XX) OIDs, but that is not officially supported or recommended.

In the Rack PDU subtree, you will find some helpful load reporting OIDs such as:
  • rPDU2BankStatusCurrent - Current draw, in tenths of Amps, of the load on the Rack PDU bank being queried
  • rPDU2BankStatusLoadState - lowLoad, normal, nearOverload, overload
  • rPDU2DeviceStatusLoadState - Indicates the present load status of the Rack PDU
  • rPDU2DeviceStatusPower - The power consumption of the Rack PDU load in hundredths of kilowatts
  • rPDU2DeviceStatusEnergy - A user resettable energy meter measuring Rack PDU load energy consumption in tenths of kilowatt-hours
  • rPDU2Sensor - Information from a connected temperature/humidity probe
The APC Powernet SNMP MIB is can be downloaded from the Software & Firmware Download section of apc.com under Firmware Upgrades - MIB.

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