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Which UPS models are compatible with AP9622 Modbus/Building Management Integration Card? Where are the UPS bit registers AP9622?


Which UPS models are compatible with AP9622?

Where are the UPS bit registers for my Building Management Integration Card (AP9622)?

Product Line
  • UPS Device Management
    • AP9622 - RS-232 Modbus/JBUS Building Management Integration SmartSlot Card

  • All serial numbers
  • AP9622 applications


This article provides general reference material and compatibility information.


The AP9622 supports the following UPS series:
  • Smart-UPS (SU, SUA, SUM)
  • Smart-UPS RT (SURT, SURTA),
  • Matrix
  • Symmetra (single and three phase)
  • Smart-UPS VT/Galaxy 3500
  • Silcon
  • AIS

Note: The Galaxy 3500 UPS is supported by the AP9622, however some specific Symmetra 3-phase registers may report back but others will not work properly unless in a 3:3 configuration.

Note: Smart-UPS VT, AIS3000, and SURT15K/SURT20K units use the Symmetra maps and AIS5000 uses the Silcon maps.

Bit map registers are available on the APC website under the Documentation tab: https://www.apc.com/shop/no/en/products/Modbus-Jbus-Interface-Card/P-AP9622

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