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Compatibility between the Web/SNMP Card (AP9606) and older Matrix UPS firmware


Compatibility between the Web/SNMP Card (AP9606) and older Matrix UPS firmware

Product Line
  • UPS Device Management
    • AP9606
  • Matrix UPS
    • MX3000
    • MX5000

  • All AP9606 Firmware Revisions
  • Matrix UPS Firmware Revisions W, X, Z


The Web/SNMP Card - AP9606, when queried, will only report specific information about the card, itself. The card will then determine that this is an older Matrix or Smart UPS and will not support it. There will be no information or management capabilities for that UPS. This problem occurs when the Matrix firmware revision is W or X.


These early firmware revisions are not capable of sending information about the UPS Model. They send either nothing or "NA". Only Firmware Rev Y or later can send this type of information. Please note that some of the first released Web/SNMP cards may need to be upgraded via a download to support Y firmware Matrix.

To determine which revision of the Matrix firmware is installed follow these steps:
  1. Go to the front panel of the Matrix
  2. Press the far left button until UPS Diagnostics appears
  3. Press the scroll button until the UPS FW REV option appears Look for the first letter in the revision number. This will be the firmware revision. (Example: 5YM - Firmware revision Y, Zi - Firmware revision Z)
Matrix units are discontinued. For units with older firmware, APC suggests upgrading to a current UPS line if network management is requested.

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