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Need battery back-up power for anything from a single PC to an entire data center? Specify the equipment you need to protect or your entire power requirement and the UPS Selector will recommend the right product for you.

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We’re here to help you understand which products and solutions will work best for your IT needs. Choose from one of the categories below or use our Product Advisor Tools to get started.

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Search for additional instructions and recommendations provided by APC, and the support community, for product issues not solved by following the related steps in the user manual.

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Trade-Off Tools

These simple, interactive tools make it easy to experiment with many “what if” scenarios using data and science to accurately estimate outcomes.  Use these to create and adjust various parameters and identify necessary trade-offs during data center planning.

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Be the first to know about new developments and learn more about APC solutions by attending our learning events. Available online and in-person, these offer you the chance to get your questions answered directly by an APC expert.

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