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    Network Management Card Security

    Protecting your equipment and critical data is our priority. APC Network Management Card has new security features, providing a reliable and efficient remote management solution.

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What is an APC Network Management Card?

APC Network Management Card provides remote monitoring and control of an individual device such as a UPS or PDU by connecting it directly to the network.
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Security Enhancements

APC Network Management Card 2 has modified its security features to reflect the new internet connected device requirements.
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Secure IoT

New legislation around internet connected devices require stricter security features. The increased security modifications are present in APC Network Management Card 2 firmware update v6.8.0 and above.

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Enhanced Security, What’s Changed?

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Next Generation

APC Network Management Card 3 is coming soon. Be the first to know
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What to expect

Network Management Card 3 is equipped with new security features and a new processor, providing a faster and more immersive experience.

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Next Generation Features

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    Enhanced security

    New advanced security features to keep your sensitive data secure with newest compliance offerings

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    Featuring a new processor and Gigabit Ethernet connection

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    Extensive storage

    Extended memory space to accommodate increased event and data log storage


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