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EcoStruxure Micro Data Centre

Our EcoStruxure Micro Data Centre C-Series is highly configurable and comes with a wide range of options to suit your needs.

Easy Micro Data Centre

Our Easy Micro Data Centre C-Series is built for cost-conscious customers without sacrificing reliability with focused options for quick selection and configuration.

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Reference Designs without IT

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Physically Secure

Protect critical IT assets from malicious accidents or environmental incidents that cause downtime. Get device level cyber security with ultra secure enclosure options and remote monitoring & control.

Simple to Deploy

Reduce headaches with faster edge roll-outs and validated reference designs. Leverage innovative, best-in-class design tools to help simplify your configuration & deployment. And gain peace of mind by working with our leading IT technology partners & alliances.

Remotely Manageable

Decrease expensive service calls and the need for on-site IT staff. Choose EcoStruxure IT, our cloud-based platform that provides 24/7 secure and remote visibility of all of your micro data centres.

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