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Data Center Expert | What Cameras are supported?

What Cameras are supported by StruxureWare Data Center Expert?

Product Line
StruxureWare Data Center Expert (DCE)
- Basic Appliance (AP9465)
- Standard Appliance (AP9470)
- Enterprise Appliance (AP9475)
- Virtual Appliance (AP94VMACT)
StruxureWare Central (SWC)
InfraStruXure Central (ISXC)

StruxureWare DCE (All Versions)

Customers often ask about camera support in StruxureWare DCE.


You can not add any cameras directly to DCE. You can add a NetBotz appliance and those cameras supported by NetBotz can then be seen in DCE's surveillance view. Version 2 NetBotz appliances such as NBRK0320 and 420 or NBWL0320, 420, and 500 only supported the on-board cameras, the NBPD0121 NetBotz camera pod, and the NBPD0123 CCTV camera pod.

Version 3 NetBotz appliances such as the NBWL0355 and 455 or NBWL0450, 550, and 570 support the NBPD0121, NBPD0160, NBPD0123 CCTV camera pod, and supported Pelco cameras as well as the on-board cameras where applicable.

The NetBotz NBRK0750 and soon to be released NBWL0755 support the NBPD0165 IP cameras only. These cameras are supported with DCE 7.7 and NetBotz "BotzWare" 5.2 or higher.

Future revisions of the NetBotz 750 and 755 may support other cameras that support the ONVIF 'S' protocol in future revisions but at this time, the 'S' protocol does not support the motion detection feature so surveillance based on motion will not be available on those cameras.

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