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Master PowerChute Business Edition server may not shutdown gracefully when Interface Expander 2 card is configured with Timer Mode shutdown


The Master server may not shutdown gracefully after the “PowerChute Agent outlet turning off” event is logged in the Master server in a Simple Signaling configuration with an Interface Expander 2 (IE2) card using Timer Mode. This event is logged when the simple clients begin to shut down.


PowerChute Business Edition v9.5 and above


Simple Signaling with Interface Expander 2 card (AP9624) and Type A UPS devices


After the IE2 card issues a shutdown command to simple clients, a turn off command is also issued to turn off the UPS. To ensure graceful shutdown, the delay of this turn off command is forced to be equal to the values set for “Time for operating systems to shut down” and “At runtime limit” in the Shutdown Settings screen of the Master server. After this combined time elapses, the Master server starts to shut down along with the UPS.
To ensure the Master server gracefully shuts down, follow the steps below:
  1. Provide a high delay in the “Time for operating systems to shut down” field in the Shutdown Settings screen in the Master server. Setting a high value here will give the operating system more time to shut down.
  2. Connect all servers, including the simple clients, to a PowerChute outlet group. Doing this will ensure that the servers turn off in accordance with the Outlet Sequence screen in the Master server.
  3. Configure command files in the Event Configuration screen instead of Shutdown Settings. Command files configured in the Shutdown Settings screen only run when the “Shutdown Process Started” event is logged in the Master server. However, this event is not logged in this configuration so the command file will not run.
If you want to perform any action before the Master server shuts down, you can configure a command file for the “On Battery” event in the Event Configuration screen. The delay to run this command file should be below the Timer Mode configuration on the IE2 card. For example, if the DIP switch is set to 0100 (2 minutes) and the “At runtime limit” is 6 minutes, the delay to run the command file should be below 8 minutes.

NOTE: This issue is specific to Type A UPS devices only. Visit Knowledge Base article FA315835 on the APC website to find out more about UPS model types.

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