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Does my Smart-UPS have Equipment Protection Policy (EPP) coverage?


Does my Smart-UPS have Equipment Protection Policy (EPP) coverage?

Product Line:

Smart-UPS, Smart-UPS Online


All models, All Serial Numbers


Schneider Electric offers an Equipment Protection Policy that covers surge damage due to defective products on many 120v UPS Systems and Surge Protectors


All Smart-UPS and Smart-UPS Online products include robust Surge Protection and line filtering. Depending on the design and application, we also include an Equipment Protection Policy on many units. 

All 120 volt Line Interactive Smart-UPS offer EPP coverage. This includes most models with the prefix SU, SUM, SC, SMC, SMT or SMX

Smart UPS models that do not include EPP coverage:
  • All Smart-UPS Online models. This includes all models with the prefix SURT, SURTD, SURTA, or SRT
  • All line Interactive models designed for use in 200v, 208v, 230v, or 240v environments. This includes most models with the suffix I, J, T, or HV
  • Any unit installed outside of the U.S. or Canada
If you have any questions about whether or not your particular UPS features EPP coverage, you can check the complete coverage list here: https://www.apc.com/us/en/tools/epp/

If you need to open an EPP claim for your UPS, please contact your local Tech Support Team for assistance.

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