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How to change a RAID battery on the StruxureWare Data Center Expert Enterprise server?


How to change a RAID battery on the StruxureWare Data Center Expert Enterprise server?

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StruxureWare Data Center Expert StruxureWare Central


StruxureWare Data Center Expert all versions


The hardware configuration of the StruxureWare Data Center Expert Enterprise server is a Dell R720. This server is designed with a Raid-5 configuration that has a preinstalled battery to allow the raid card to remember buffer contains. This battery is crucial for high data integrity.


This article explains how to replace said RAID battery if in the event the battery is no longer about to retain a charge.
Removing a RAID Battery
1 Pull back gently on the right edge of the battery bay and draw out the RAID battery from the battery carrier.
2 Disconnect the cable between the RAID battery and the storage controller card. See Removal.pdf.

Installing a RAID Battery
1 Connect the battery cable to the connector on the battery.
2 Locate the battery bay on top of the hard drive bays. See Figure 3-1.
3 With the cable oriented toward the back, angle the left side of the RAID battery into the left side of the battery bay. See Installation.pdf.
4 Rotate the right side of the battery down and press into the locked
5 If not already done, route the battery cable through the right chassis wall. See "Cable Routing."
6 Connect the battery cable to the battery connector on the storage controller. See Installation.pdf.


Removal.pdfRemoval.pdf [91.23 KB]
Installation.pdfInstallation.pdf [91.23 KB]
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