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Files to gather when troubleshooting PowerChute Network Shutdown 3.1, 4.x, and PowerChute Business Edition 10.x

What files are needed to troubleshoot PowerChute Network Shutdown v3.1, 4.x and PowerChute Business Edition 10.x?

PowerChute Network Shutdown (PCNS) version 3.1 and 4.x
PowerChute Business Edition (PCBE) version 10.x

All supported Windows and Linux OS


For PowerChute Network Shutdown:

Gather these files and send to Schneider Electric Technical Support
error.log, EventLog.txt, VirtualizationFileStore.properties, pcnsconfig.ini, javaVersionFile.log, debug.log, Powershell.log, sshserivce log
NOTE: VirtualizationFileStore.properties is only available with VMware (Nutanix, HPE SimpliVity, HyperFlex), Hyper-V, and Nutanix AHV configurations. The Powershell log may or may  not be present depending on the OS and how PowerChute is configured. 
On Windows the default path is
C:\Program files\APC\PowerChute\group1
On VMware vMA or APC Appliance the default path is

For PowerChute Business Edition:
Open the PowerChute Agent web interface and go to About, Create PowerChute Zip Archive.


NOTE: Other files may be needed at a later date and different files may be needed to troubleshoot installation issues.

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