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Can APC Cable Managers be installed into any other manufacturers' cabinets?

In the design phase someone may question compatibility of cabinets and cable management from different manufacturers.

Product Line:
NetShelter Vertical and Horizontal Cable Management

All versions and serial ranges.

Designers may want to install NetShelter cable management products into another manufacturer's cabinet.


  • Rackmount horizontal cable managers are EIA/ECA-310-E compliant and can be installed into any manufacturer's cabinet that's also EIA/ECA-310-E compliant.
  • Vertical cable managers that connect to the mounting rails of a NetShelter cabinet are not compatible with any other manufacturer's cabinet.
  • Vertical cable managers that connect to square cage nut holes in a NetShelter SX cabinet will also install into the square cage nut holes in other manufacturer's cabinet.
  • Vertical cable managers that connect to the teardrop shaped mounting holes of a NetShelter SX 0U Accessory Channel may to be compatible with any other manufacturers' cabinets, although we do not track compatibility with other manufacturers. There may be some continuity in the industry with the size and placement of the teardrop shaped 0U mounting spaces but, since there is no standard we would require detailed mechanical drawings to check compatibility.

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