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Dataguard 5 Upgrade Instructions and Wiring

Dataguard 5 Upgrade Instructions and Wiring 

Product line:

Data Center Cooling 


See Instructions and Attached wiring below. 

DG 5.0 Microprocessor Retrofit Installation Instructions for DG 1.0 thru DG 3.2 

Step 1. Disconnect the main power to the A/C unit.

Step 2. Unplug the edge connectors from the old controller.

Step 3. Remove the old display and controller from the A/C unit.

Step 4. Use supplied paper template P/N 3-100-8-072, attach to the front panel to cut out and drill for the new DG 5.0 display.

Step 5. Disassemble the DG 5.0 front display and panel from base mounting plate by removing the four (4) 6-32 lock nuts. Then remove the telephone cable from the display.

Step 6. Mount the DG 5.0 display to the front panel of the A/C  unit after having cut and drilled new mounting holes using four (4) 6-32 lock nuts supplied with retrofit kit. (See step 4)

Step 7. If the old controller is mounted to the old display ie. DG 1.0, DG 2.0 or DG 3.0 Install the base mounting plate to the inside of panel using the four (4) 6-32 lock nuts.

Step 8. If the old controller was not mounted to the old display, mount Dg 5.0 base mounting plate to the same location as the old controller.

Step 9. Route (Reconnect) the telephone cable to the DG 5.0 display and secure out of the way.

Step 10. Mount the prewired terminal strip to a convenient location so as to be able to attach the wires from the edge connectors of the old controller.

Step 11. Match wire numbers and connect wires.

Step 12. The retrofit should have all the wires as the original setup. If not contact the factory Services and Warranty group for further instructions.

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