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Microlink Frequently Asked Questions


This document contains the FAQ for the new Microlink communications protocol that APC uses in next generation Smart-UPS products

Product Line:



Models beginning with SURTD, SMX, SMC,  or SMT


APC is migrating new Smart-UPS products to a new communications protocol to allow for improved reporting and reliability


Microlink Frequently Asked Questions

Q –  What is Microlink?

A – Microlink is the all new communications protocol that has been developed by APC to replace the UPSLink Protocol on new APC UPS products. Moving forward, Microlink will allow APC to introduce a greater variety of new software enhancements that were not possible using the UPSLink protocol.

Q –  What models use Microlink?

A – Currently the SURTD, SMX, SMC,  SMT families of Smart-UPS products use the new Microlink protocol.

Q – How does this affect me?

A – When utilizing Serial Communications with a Microlink UPS, you must use Powerchute Business Edition version 8.5 or later. If you are using a Network Management Card (such as the AP9617, AP9618, or AP9619)  or Network Management Card II (such as the AP9630 or AP9631) you can use PowerChute Network Shutdown.  Please note that only the SURTD's support Network Management Card I. SMT and SMX units require a Network Management Card II (AP9630 or AP9631).

Q – What SmartSlot Accessories are supported by Microlink?

A – Only the AP9617, AP9618, AP9619, AP9630, and AP9631 Network Management Cards are supported as well as the AP9620 Legacy Communications Card. Microlink units do not support any legacy SmartSlot expansion cards (Such as the Relay I/O or Interface Expander cards), nor do they support legacy serial peripherals, such as the Masterswitch Plus.

Q - Is there anything special about the AP9617, AP9618, and AP9619 Network Management Cards that can be used with the SURTD's?

A - Yes. The SURTD requires a Network Management Card with a ""keyed"" faceplate. All Network Management Cards shipped after August 2006 have the proper keyed faceplate. You can also upgrade any older Network Management Card by upgrading the card to the latest firmware and replacing the faceplate. The replacement faceplates are included with the SURTD unit. All AP9630 and AP9631 cards also include the keyed faceplates. The AP9617/18/19 are not compatible with the SMX/SMT families of Smart-UPS.

Q – Are there any physical changes to the serial cables used on the new models?

A – In order to differentiate between Microlink and UPSlink Smart-UPS we have changed from a DB-9 serial port to a keyed RJ-45 serial port on the new models. An RJ45 to DB9 cable is included with every new Microlink UPS.

Q – Can I license the Microlink protocol for use in my own 3rd party applications?

A – At this time APC is not licensing the Microlink protocol for use in 3rd party applications. In order to integrate with a 3rd party application you would need to use the AP9620 Legacy Communications Card which provides a full UPS Link interface via a standard DB9 Serial Port. UPS Link protocol is licensed to for suitable applications. Please contact tech support for further assistance.

Q – Do I have any options if I want to continue using an older version of Power Chute?

A – The AP9620 Legacy Communications Card provides a DB9 Serial Port as well as a USB Port which provides full UPS Link communication as found on our legacy UPS products. This will allow you to integrate with legacy Power Chute software, or any other type of UPS Link application.

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