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How do I mass configure APC user settings using Data Center Expert?

How do I mass configure APC user settings using Data Center Expert?

Product Line:
StruxureWare Data Center Expert (DCE)
APC Network Management Cards (NMC)

StruxureWare Data Center Expert v7.X
APC Network Management Cards 3.X-6.X


Mass Configure User Settings on 3.X-5.X NMCs

Follow the procedure listed within knowledge base Video: Data Center Expert | How do I mass configure APC devices? .

Within the configuration section titled User Management where the following information can be defined:
- Administrator Password
- Device Password
- Read-Only Password

Mass Configuring User Settings on Greater than 6.X NMCs

1) Open the DCE Desktop Client and log in.

2) Within the Monitoring Perspective (button) select the group that contains the devices within the Device Groups pane.  Within the Device View pane, right-click on the device and select APC SNMP Device Configuration.
NOTE: An alternative method is to go to the Device menu and select APC SNMP Device Configuration.

3) Select User configuration and click OK.
NOTE: If you are not prompted for this option, the device that was selected is not running a firmware version of 6.X.
NOTE: File transfer using SCP may be unsuccessful on some NMC v6.X devices. For best results, set the protocol to FTP Only in the Device File Transfer Settings. See instructions on editing these at the bottom of this knowledge base.
NOTE: This method should work on APC OS version 6.0.0 and higher, excluding v6.0.6 through v6.1.1.

4) Select the device or devices that you wish to configure users on and click Next.

Creating / Modifying Users and Super User

1) Select Create/Modify User or the Modify Super User.

2) Fill in the Username and Password field.
NOTE: Username is a case sensitive field.
NOTE: If the user already exists on any destination device, all its settings, including the password, will be overwritten.

3) Ensure to set the Role along with any other information.

4) For the user to be able to log in, ensure to Enable the user.

5) After all necessary settings are entered, click OK.

6) Repeat steps 1 through 5 for any additional users that need to be created/modified.

7) Click Finish.

Deleting an Existing User

1) Select Delete Existing User button.

2) Enter the Username of the user and click OK.
NOTE: Username is case sensitive.

3) Repeat the steps 1 through 2 for any additional users that need to be deleted.

Adding a Custom Command

See the CSF instructions within knowledge base Mass Configuration of Users and User Preferences on Network Management Card 2 (NMC2) v6.X.X for command parameters.

Editing Device File Transfer Settings

1) On the Select Destination Devices screen, click the Device File Transfer Settings Button.

2) Either Add a new entry or Edit an existing entry.
NOTE: It is recommended to keep the number of entries to a minimum.
NOTE: It is recommended to have as few wildcard entries as possible that apply to the same device ranges.

3) Ensure to select the appropriate IP range, username, password, and protocol type for the device connection.

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