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Video: Data Center Expert | How do I delete old data?

Process for purging old data from StruxureWare Data Center Expert

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StruxureWare Data Center Expert (DCE)
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At times data may need to be purged from the server due to limited hard drive space.


Accessing Purge Settings
Automatic Purge
Manual Purge
Total Repository Usage & Backup Options
Accessing Data Center Expert Purge Settings

1) Log into the DCE desktop client.

2) Open the System menu > Server Administration Settings > Storage Settings > Purge Settings tab.
Automatic Purge Settings

Data Center Expert is set by default to automatically purge data when running low on disk space. See the table below for the different thresholds that can be set for purging data:
Begin PurgeIdentify the percentage of total capacity that will initiate a purge.
End PurgeIdentify the percentage of total capacity that will cause the purge to end.
Warn of PurgeIdentify the percentage of total capacity that will result in a warning that a purge may occur soon.
Send Warning E-mails Select to send e-mails to the StruxureWare Data Center Expert Administrators that include an e-mail address as part of their user credentials, when the Warn of Purge threshold is reached.
Apply Purge SettingsClick to save changes to the settings.

Manual Purge

Data Center Expert storage repositories can be purged per requests from a server administrator.  See the table below for different manual purge options:
Purge Data Created On or BeforeSelect the date for which all data stored on or before that date will be purged.
Choose the Types of Data to Manually PurgeSelect to include Alarm History Data, Alarm Binary Data, Sensor Data, Untagged or All Surveillance Data, or a combination of these choices, in the manual purge.Note: You can prevent tagged surveillance data from being purged by selecting Untagged Surveillance Data instead of All Surveillance Data.
Run Manual PurgeClick to purge the selected data for the defined range of dates.

Total Repository Usage & Backup

Total Repository Usage identifies allotted capacity (size) and current usage (percentage) for each type of data stored in all repositories. When Use Remote Storage Only is selected in the Repositories tab, it only identifies capacity and usage for all remote repositories.

You can choose to include the local repository data in the backup files (full or synchronized) created using: System menu > Server Administration Settings > Server Backup/Restore.

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