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The Mobile Power Pack (MPP) does not recognize or detect my device.

The Mobile Power Pack (MPP) does not recognize or detect my device.

I’ve connected my device to one of the two USB Type A ports and have activated the battery for charging by pressing the Green power switch, but my device is not charging.

Mobile Power Packs
M5BK and M10BK




The issue is likely related to either the functional state of the Mobile Power Pack (MPP) or the cable used to connect the device to the MPP


To resolve the issue, it is recommended that all devices first be disconnected from the Mobile Power Pack. Next turn the MPP unit on, reconnecting each device one at a time. If the connected device is still not detected, the issue may be related to an aftermarket cable or a possible incompatibility. Fake USB charging/sync cables often omit necessary circuitry in their manufacturing process. This omitted circuitry is generally required by the device’s manufacturer for output over current protection, to avoid damage to the device. It is recommended that only manufacturer approved cables be used with the Mobile Power Pack to avoid any product damage or incompatibilities.
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