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How to Configure Airflow in a High Capacity Uniflair Unit

This document describes how to Configure Airflow in a High Capacity Uniflair Unit.

Product line:
High capacity Models 4500/5000.

All Serial Numbers.



• Fan Speed: 40-100%

• Fan Off Delay: 10-60 sec

• Fan Speed Control by CW Valve: Enable/Disable

• Fan Control Type with CW Valve Speed Control: Together/Sequential

• MIn. Fan Speed When Controlled by CW Valve Position:40-100%

• Max. Fan Speed When Controlled by CW Valve Position: 40-100%

• Fan Speed Modulation with CW Valve Position Proportional Band: 0.5-9.9°C (32.9-49°F).
• Fan: Controlled by AFPS: Enables the fan controlled by the AFPS.

• Fan: AFPS on Unit: Enables the fan on the AFPS.

• AFPS Setpoint: 0.0-100.0 Pa

• AFPS Low Air Pressure Threshold: 0.0-625 Pa

• AFPS Max. Fan Speed: 40-100%

• AFPS Min. Fan Speed CW: 40-100%

• Fan AFPS Control Type:
Standard: Uses standard proportional-integral-derivative controller (PID) control settings.

Advanced: Uses a wider range of PID control

• AFPS Deadband: 0.0-100 Pa

• AFPS Proportional Band: 0.0-999.8 Pa

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