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EcoAisle versus HACS

What are the key features of the new EcoAisle system that will be replacing the traditional HACS.

Product line:

Containment Systems.



•      Active Flow Control  - Right sizes cooling airflow while providing visibility to effective cooling to critical IT equipment.

•      Flexibility - Support for varying aisle widths, rack heights,  rack depths, and single rows. Supports hot aisle containment or cold aisle containment.

•      Fire Safe System  - Alerts personnel and drops ceiling panels based on temperature (per UL723S standards) or field supplied smoke detector to enable fire suppression system in the room to extinguish the fire.

•      EcoLEDgy Driven Lighting- Integrated High Efficiency LED lighting with on/off motion sensors

•      Safe Slide Doors - Emergency break away sliding door enables quick exit  in the event of an emergency

•      Air Return System - Centralized hot air return system for room and external air handling systems minimize obstruction of lighting into the ducted aisle and provide cable access from within the contained aisle

•      Over Aisle Access – Tooless removal of individual panels to allow access above the aisle for cabling and maintenance.

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