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How to check if the PowerChute Business Edition Agent daemon is running on Unix/Linux systems.

How to check if the PowerChute Business Edition Agent daemon is running on Unix/Linux systems.

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PowerChute Business Edition

Unix/Linux systems

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Once the PowerChute Business Edition Agent daemon starts, a file named pbeagent.pid will be created in the directory /etc.
Once the Agent daemon stops, the pbeagent.pid file should be gone. This file stores the Agent daemon's pid (process id).

To check if the PowerChute Agent daemon is running on Unix/Linux system, you will need to do the following:

Step 1: Get the PowerChute Agent daemon pid
The command "cat" or "more" can be used to display the contents of the pbeagent.pid file.  The command needed is shown here:
# cat /etc/pbeagent.pid
# more /etc/pbeagent.pid

The command will display PowerChute Agent daemon pid on the screen.

Step 2: Search for the PowerChute Agent daemon
use the following command to grep the Agent daemon:

# ps -ef | grep pid
Note: The "pid" value here is derived from Step 1 above.

If the PowerChute Agent is running on the system, the command will return something similar to the following:

root 7509 1 0 13:40 ? 00:00:26 /bin/java/jre/1.4/bin/java -Dpicard.main.thread=blocking -classpath ./lib/AdvSnmp.jar:./lib/application.jar:./lib/jsdk.jar:./lib/comm.jar:./lib/mail.jar:./lib/RXTXComm.jar:./lib/activation.jar:./lib/util.jar:./lib/m11.jar:./lib/ds.jar:./lib/sss.jar:./lib/pcbe_ds.jar:./com...
root 8170 8143 0 14:36 pts/0 00:00:00 grep 7509

Please note that the Agent is a Java process and only Java related information is returned.

If the PowerChute Agent daemon is not running or not running normally, the command will only return one line that stands for the grep process itself.

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