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How to loosen the leveling feet of a NetShelter SX cabinet.

The leveling feet of a NetShelter cabinet are stuck.

Product Line:
NetShelter SX

All versions and serial ranges.


Unable to get the leveling foot screw to budge. It is stuck.

Solutions for NetShelter Stuck Feet:

A Phillips/T30 Torx L-tool is included with each NetShelter cabinet.
The top of each NetShelter foot has a Phillips screwdriver slot which is used to lower the foot. If the foot is too tight to loosen with the included tool please try using a larger Philips screwdriver. If that doesn't work please try using a wrench:
The bottom of each foot, just above the pad, has a 13 mm hex head that can also be used to lower the foot. This requires the use of a 13 mm flat open end wrench.
If you do not have a 13 mm wrench that fits the nut on the foot please contact APC and we can RMA p/n 803-5013B. This is a low profile 13 mm wrench.
Note: you will need to provide the model number and serial number of the NetShelter cabinet in order to process an RMA. Please have this information ready when you contact APC Customer Support.

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