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StruxureWare Central reports NetBotz sensor values when the device is actually offline


StruxureWare Central reports NetBotz sensor values when the device is actually offline

Product Line:

StruxureWare Central / Data Center Expert


StruxureWare Central / Data Center Expert (DCE) any version 7.x

Data collection.


Based upon the manner that we collect historical data from NetBotz appliances at a configurable scheduled interval, DCE will report it's last known value until a further data collect takes place. In the event that the device is offline for a period of time, last known values are still reported and just the link status is listed as unplugged. When the NetBotz appliance comes back online, a subsequent data collection will occur, updating the sensor values and returning the link status sensors to online. Unlike with an SNMP device and polling the current value, StruxureWare pulls all data on a NetBotz appliance since the last poll.

In the case of a Virtual Sensor on StruxureWare Central 7.x, if all contributing sensors are NetBotz appliances in an offline state, the value will not be recalculated until at least one appliance returns to an online state. This is reflected by the 'Retrieved At' time stamp for the Virtual Sensor.
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