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A More Reliable PDU

power distribution unit

High temperature performance

Industry first hybrid C15/C13 & C19/C21 outlets provide true 60°C operating temperature for a PDU.
PDU with new IEC high retention outlet design and optional locking feature

A more secure power cord

Up to 2x holding force with standard power cords reduces accidental PDU downtime. Optional AP8700 locking cords prevent it.
PDU has a 3 year repair or replace standard warranty

Long lasting design

Backed by a 3 year standard warranty for peace of mind and use for years to come. PDU extended warranty options up to 6 years.

A More Intelligent PDU

PDU with 1% metering accuracy

More precise metering

Power monitoring with 1% metering accuracy and precision control with PDU outlet switching capability.
PDU with gigabit ethernet port

Gigabit Ethernet port

Standard gigabit Ethernet PDU connectivity for today’s faster networks & future-proofed for networks to come.
PDU with enhanced cybersecurity with APC NMC 3 network management card

Keeping your data secure

PDUs utilize APC embedded Network Management Card 3 with enhanced security features.

EcoStruxure IT

9000 Series Switched Rack PDUs with embedded APC Network Management Card 3 enables access to EcoStruxure IT which provides global visibility of all your Rack PDUs and critical infrastructure and alarm notification in the event of an issue.
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Cybersecurity Enhancements
9000 Series Switched Rack PDUs with APC Network Management Card includes the latest security features to reflect the new internet connected device requirements.

A Faster to Deploy & Manage PDU

PDU with network port sharing capability up to 32 PDUs

Faster network setup

Network up to 32 PDUs from one IP address reducing switch port costs and installation and setup.
PDU wireless network capability with optional APC WiFi Dongle

Cableless install & setup*

With optional APC WiFi Dongle, simplify and speed deployment by eliminating network cabling while reducing switch port costs.
*Coming soon. Expected to be available on units manufactured after March 2021.
APC WiFi Dongle for wireless network connectivity of APC PDU and Smart UPS

Zero U Toolless Installation

Fast and seamless installation with APC NetShelter and most industry standard racks.

Industry first hybrid PDU outlets

UL certified hybrid C13/C15* and C19/C21* PDU outlets:
  • Compatible with standard C14 and C20 power cords
  • Future-proofed for new C16 and C22 cords required for IT devices designed for high temperature environments
  • These outlets provide 120°C (vs 70°C) outlet rating for true 60°C performance at 100% load.
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PDU with toolless zero U installation in NetShelter and most industry racks

Explore 9000 Series Switched Rack PDU

9000 Series Switched Rack PDUs also provide:
  • On/off outlet switching for remote reboots, outlet sequencing, and security purposes
  • Optional temperature/humidity port for environmental monitoring3
  • Easy to use web interface for remote access
See 3D model
PDU with hybrid outlets for high temperature performance

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