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APC Environmental Sensors FAQ

Q. What is the maximum distance the APC Sensors can reach?

A. We do not officially support lengthening the temperature humidity probe with PS/2 extension cables. If a customer wants to extend the length, APC engineers have extended the length using two 12 foot PS/2 extension cables with minimum measurement changes.

Dedicated Sensors

Vibration: Maximum length of cable - 330 ft
Leak: Maximum length of leak sensing cable - 400 ft
External display: Maximum length of cable - 330 ft
Beacon: Maximum length of cable - 330 ft
Door contacts: Maximum length of cable - 330 ft
Motion: Maximum length of cable - 330 ft
Smoke: Maximum length of cable - 330 ft
A-Link Protocol: Max length - 1000m

The APC dedicated sensors use standard RJ45 connectors and may be extended with standard CAT-5 ethernet cables and either RJ45 double female couplers or a patch panel.

Q. How many sensors can be connected to one AP9320 unit?

A. There are discrete connectors for each APC sensor, so basically the answer is 'one per connector.' The vibration, smoke or motion sensors from APC could have two connected via a standard RJ45 2 female to one male adapter. This is not something we support, but will work.

The door contacts could have any reasonable number of contacts wired within the max cable length above.

The A-Link T and T/H probes are limited to eight. In addition you can connect eight Air Removal Units on the A-Link.

Q. What are the two supplied RJ-45 plugs used for in the A-Link ports of the AP9319?

A. These are 'terminators' required to be at extreme ends of the cable, required for proper data transmission on the cable. This is not ethernet.

Q. What are the benefits of the LCD digital sensor AP9520TH?

A. The AP9520T and TH probes have the following advantages:
(1) more accurate,
(2) longer wire length
(3) local display of T & H on the probe
(4) Total of 10 T/H measurement points, vs. the two basic local probes.

Q. For the relay contacts, what is the accepted current, voltage and resistance?

A. 1A, 30V AC/DC; <1 ohm

Q. How can a customer calibrate temp/humidity probe?

A. APC probes are calibrated and verified at the factory. There is no customer calibration required.

Q. Can I connect third party sensors to the EMS?

Yes, any device that allows for relay contacts can be connected to the EMS (two relays are provided).

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