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Download client option in StruxureWare DCE client attempt to incorrectly open

Published date: 17 July 2020


Client download option on a different StruxureWare server with 7.3.1 client points you to loop back address (

Product Line:

StruxureWare Data Center Expert


StruxureWare DCE client version 7.3.1


The StruxureWare DCE client must match the version of server you are attempting to log in to. If it does not match, you should receive a message stating:
"Invalid Client Version:
The client version does not match the server version. Would you like to go to the server web page to download the client?"

Normally when you click yes, it brings you to the web page for the StruxureWare DCE server you were attempting to log into. Due to a bug in the 7.3.1 StruxureWare DCE client, a web browser will open attempting to redirect you to your local system's loopback address of


This issue is resolved in the StruxureWare DCE 7.4 client. If you are running the StruxureWare 7.3.1 client and run into this issue, simply type the address of the server you're trying to access into the browser, log in, and click the "Download Client" option. Click "I Agree" to the end user license agreement and you can then download the installer for the DCE client.

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