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Chinese language does not work properly with sumx & sy UPS Network Management Card 2 (NMC2) applications v6.2.1


The Chinese language option for UPS Network Management Card 2 sumx and sy applications v6.2.1 does not work properly.

Product Line
  • UPS Network Management Card 2 - AP9630/30CH, AP9631/31CH

  • All serial numbers
  • Firmware version v6.2.1 sumx and sy applications (for Smart-UPS and Symmetra single phase UPS models)
    • Note: You can check the NMC2's firmware version under About->Network in the web interface or on the top right upon logging into the command line interface.)
  • Users that utilize Chinese language option


The Chinese language option does not translate properly due to a language pack translation bug.


For users that wish to use the Chinese language option, a new Chinese-only language pack has been created for sumx and sy v6.2.1 applications. Note: Language packs are version and application specific. This means the sumx_621_zhCn.lpk language pack must be used with the v6.2.1 sumx application and the sy_621_zhCn.lpk language pack must be used with the v6.2.1 sy application. The .lpk language pack files are available for download at apc.com (https://www.apc.com/tools/download/index.cfm) and attached to this knowledge base for your convenience.

For instructions on how to upload/change language packs, please refer to knowledge base article ID FA156166. This replacement Chinese-only pack will need to be uploaded/changed by FTP or SCP rather than during a firmware upgrade.

APC Croatia


sy_621_zhCn.lpksy_621_zhCn.lpk [99.41 KB]
sumx_621_zhCn.lpksumx_621_zhCn.lpk [125.11 KB]
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