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Where do PDUs mount in the NetShelter CX?

The NetShelter CX includes a 14-15 outlet PDU. Some customers may want to replace it with a larger PDU.

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NetShelter CX

All versions and serial ranges.

There's a need to install a larger PDU into a NetShelter CX. We need to know where, and how, to install it.

In the NetShelter CX, APC 0U PDUs mount toollessly to the rear cable tray via toolless mounting pegs. There are two cable trays in each cabinet, one on each side. The document attached below shows a PDU mounted in the right rear cable tray.
For a list of APC 0U PDUs that are compatible with all NetShelter cabinets please see Knowledge Base document FA158651.

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20141028 NetShelter CX PDU Mouting.pdf20141028 NetShelter CX PDU Mouting.pdf [47.46 KB]
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