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Access of BH500INET and BH500NET via Firefox web browser


Accessing a Back-UPS BH500INET / BH500NET via the latest Firefox, Chrome or IE web browsers shows an error message ""Not found"" and might show invalid characters on the web interface of the Back-UPS.

Product Line:



All currently known versions of Firefox, Chrome, or IE; Web interface Firmware of BH500INET / BH500NET up to current version rev.l2




This may be resolved by using Internet Explorer with Compatibility mode turned on - this enables backward compatibility with older IE versions which supported applications like the BH500INET / BH500NET and where the issue did not occur, and should allow access to the Configuration functionality again.

With the Software page open, select Compatibility View Settings from under the Options menu. Click 'Add' to add the site to the Compatibility View List and Reload the page.

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