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How to replace a NetworkAIR FM Series Filter Replacement

Fecha de publicación: 03 September 2020

NetworkAIR FM Series Filter Replacement
Product line:
All serial numbers

Install, Maintenance
The spare part number for the filters is W0M-74350. The part number W0M-74530 ships as 1 box of 5 filters.  5 filters are required per unit.

The filtration of conditioned air is extremely vital to maintaining the clean, particle-free environment required by electrical equipment. The system uses 30% efficient (100 microns) (ASHRAE 52.1-92), 4” (102 mm) deep filters, with full depth filter pleats. Deeper filters produce a lower pressure drop, requiring less energy during normal operation. Filters are replaceable through the front of the upflow unit, and through the top of the downflow unit.

The technical specifications are as follows:

Net Weight     2.27 kg 5lbs
Maximum Height 102.00 mm 4in
Maximum Width 325.00 mm 12.8in
Maximum Depth 756.00 mm 29.7in

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