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NetBotz set to SNMP version 3 loses communications with StruxureWare DCE after an alert

NetBotz set to SNMP version 3 loses comm with StruxureWare DCE after an alert

Product Line:

SNMP version 3

When NetBotz 700 series device is discovered by a StruxureWare Data Center Expert using SNMP version 3, it has been seen where an alert from the NetBotz can cause a loss of communications between the DCE server and NetBotz appliance.
This is happening when SNMP version 3 trap / inform is configured and sent.

Turn off SNMP version 3 traps.
You can also re-apply the SNMP configuration on the NetBotz appliance but the issue will continue to re-occur if SNMP version 3 traps / informs are configured.

This issue is resolved in Botzware version 5.3.5

APC Hong Kong

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