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How to configure unattended shutdown for SchneiderUPS/APCUPS and Shutdown Wizard?

Product Line:

Schneider UPS Software, Shutdown Wizard


Any SRV UPS with APVS9601 supporting the following Windows OS:

Windows 7, 10, 11, Windows Server 2016, 2019, 2022 v2.5-GA-01-22320


To gracefully ShutdownWizard agents added to the SchneiderUPS software.


When an SRV Easy UPS Online (uninterruptible power supply) detects a power outage or low battery condition, the APV9601 SNMP card, notifies the Schneider UPS for the status change. If the event that occurred is set to do a load shutdown, the Schneider UPS establishes a TCP connection to the servers/computers that has ShutdownWizard installed to initiate an unattended shutdown. The Shutdown Wizard software communicates to the Schneider UPS through TCP  (bi-directional) port 41234.

1. Install Shutdown Wizard to the servers/computers powered by the SRV UPS. Once installed the ShutdownWizard tray icon will be visible in the right lower corner of the taskbar confirming that the ShutdownWizard is already running.

2. Once the ShutdownWizard is running, connect to the SchneiderUPS software, and go to Load configuration and add the servers that have ShutdownWizard installed. From the pop-up menu, provide the IP Address of the server, and identify the UPS where the server is connected to.

Load Configuration of Schneider UPS software

3. Once this is done, go the Event Actions tab select the UPS from the drop-down menu and select the event that wish to configure. Once the event is selected (e.g. AC failure) select load shutdown and click apply to save the changes.

Event Actions - SchneiderUPS - Shutdown

4. Simulate the event (disconnect the UPS from mains to simulate a power outage) to check if the ShutdownWizard clients turned off gracefully.

Note: If the computer where SchneiderUPS is supported by the same UPS, ShutdownWizard should also be installed. SchneiderUPS does not have shutdown capabilities on its own.

For SRV units that are connected directly to the server/computer via USB/Serial cable, consider using PowerChute Serial Shutdown instead which has both shutdown and UPS monitoring features.

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