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Galaxy VS; UL, IEC, Safety, and other Certifications

Requests for the UL, IEC, Safety and other certifications for the Galaxy VS.

Product line:
Galaxy VS

All models, all serial numbers

Customers and sales teams request various agency certifications, and safety documents.  This allows for verification of conformity and installation requirements for certain criteria, locations, etc.

All documentation is listed on our websites. www.schneider-electric.com, and www.apc.com website.  If additional information, or certifications are needed, please follow the escalation path by contacting our technical support teams.

To obtain the information,
  1. Go to www.apc.com (as an example)
  2. Use the filters to narrow down the search to the Galaxy VS.
  3. Click on the "Documents Tab"
  4. Use the filters to narrow down the search to "Conformity Assessments"
This works with our other product lines as well.

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