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Smart-UPS Ultra 3kW: 2.5x more power in a 1U footprint (Coming soon)

An agile 3kW UPS solution

Sized to accommodate more mounting options so you can adapt placement and optimize space.

Smart-UPS Ultra 5kW: 1.5x more power in a 2U footprint (Coming soon)

The smallest and lightest lithium-ion 5kW UPS

50% lighter and 30% smaller than comparable UPSs.

Which Smart-UPS is right for you?

Remote UPS monitoring and management options

Recycle your old UPS and save

What should you do with your old UPS units? Instead of letting them gather dust or get thrown into a landfill, we’ll recycle them for you — no matter what the brand — and you’ll get up to 25% off your new UPS
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A field service agent recycling a VRLA Lead Acid UPS battery

Partners gain a competitive edge with innovative power protection

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