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The rise of IoT has made data connectivity vitally important to all industries. However, the limitations of cloud storage to handle this demand has led to challenges with latency, bandwidth, and security. Because of this, edge computing and on-premises infrastructure has become a critical need.
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... are your business opportunities.

As your clients’ needs grow, so too does your potential for business growth. By partnering with us, you can transition the complex demands of IoT into immediate revenue and service opportunities across remote IT locations, while simultaneously improving the operations and performance of distributed IT environments in three key ways ...
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Standardised Deployment

Increase your speed, reliability, effectiveness, and consistency of deployments across distributed IT with a variety of options for infrastructure.

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Remote Site Management

Optimise your IT by simplifying, monitoring, and servicing your physical infrastructure from the edge to the enterprise.

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Secure Environments

Maximise uptime and effectiveness by preventing mechanical and human error with secure, safe environments.

Solutions on the Edge

Discover ways to reduce latency, bandwidth, availability, and security issues that are common with edge computing. View our portfolio of physical infrastructure and remote monitoring solutions for distributed IT environments.
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For modern hospitals and medical practices, insufficient network access can lead to inadequate care. With local edge solutions, you’re able to share patient information between doctors, exam rooms, and facilities, quickly and securely.
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Configure your solution

Plan and design integrated, customised, and highly reliable edge solutions for your customers, rapidly and accurately.
To access our new Local Edge Configurator, log into your partner page using the link below, and find the “APC Design Portal.”
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Alliances & Tools

Learn how our vendor alliances and user resources can improve your effectiveness.

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