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Default password of 1234 does not work on the Display of new Galax VX or Galaxy VM.

Published date: 01 May 2020

Default password of 1234 does not work on the Display of new Galax VX or Galaxy VM.

Product line:
Galaxy VX, Galaxy VM

All models/ all serial numbers

To conform to California law SB 327 which requires the ender user to change the password when first logging into a network device.  The display of the Galaxy VX and VM is part of the NMC and has been disabled.

There are two ways to enable the password.

  1. Use the console cable supplied with UPS
  2. Use a terminal program with the following settings: 
    1. Serial port setting: for 9600 bps, 8 data bits, no parity, 1 stop bit, and no flow control.
  3. Enter the username and password which is apc for both
  4. At this point you will be asked to enter a new password.  Enter password customer would like or enter apc so it can be changed later.
  5. At this point the display password 1234 will be enabled.
Web interface
  1. Assuming the UPS is connected to the customer network and is granted an DHCP IP address.
  2. Due to the SB 327 you must use HTTPS to access the NMC as HTTP is disabled.
  3. Open a browser and enter IP Address;  example HTTPS://IP address
  4. Enter the username and password which apc for both.  You will be asked to change the password which can be changed or reenter apc.
  5. Once in the web interface click on the Configuration menu, Security, Local Users, and then Management.
  6. At the bottom of the screen you will a box to enter a password for “Pin [4-8 digits]” and a “Confirm Pin 4-8 digits]” and click on Save button.



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