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How do I update the firmware of my SMT, SMX, SMC, or SRT series Smart-UPS?

Published date: 15 January 2019


Next generation Smart-UPS products feature user upgradeable UPS Firmware.
This allows for ongoing improvements and feature enhancements of Smart-UPS products after deployment.

Product line:

Smart-UPS SMT, SMX, SMC, and SRT Families, as well as the XP1K9NN42RCC Secure-UPS Power Management Unit



Since we will continually release new products that are supported by the tool, we identify devices that are NOT supported.

Devices that are *NOT* supported by the Firmware Upgrade Wizard:

  • Legacy Devices:  Models beginning with: SU, SUA, SUM, SURT, SURTD, SURTA, SRC (IE: SUA3000XL, SU2200NET, SURTD3000RMXLT)
  • Next Generation Devices: SMX750, SMX1000, SMX1500 with firmware UPS 02.x or lower.
    • These units are 120 V devices built prior to date code 1037. Date code is the first 4 numbers in your serial number. (IE: Serial Number AS1036123456 Would not be supported.)
The system requirements for the Firmware Upgrade Wizard are as follows:
Operating systems: Microsoft Windows XP®, Windows Vista® , Windows 7®, Windows 8®, 8.1®, and Windows 10®


There are two methods to update the firmware of the UPS:
  • Locally via a Serial or USB connection using the Firmware Upgrade Wizard application. This is the most reliable method and should be used whenever possible. 
  • Remotely via the Network Management Card
Both methods require that your turn off the output power of the UPS. 
If you are updating via the Network Management Card, you must ensure that your network access is not dependent on the UPS for power.

Smart-UPS models beginning with "SMT", "SMX", or "SMC":
CLICK HERE to upgrade using a Serial or USB connection and the Firmware Upgrade Wizard. (RECOMMENDED)
CLICK HERE to upgrade using the Network Management Card

Smart-UPS and Secure-UPS models  beginning with "SRT" or "XP":
CLICK HERE to upgrade using a Serial or USB connection and the Firmware Upgrade Wizard. (RECOMMENDED)
CLICK HERE to upgrade using the Network Management Card


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