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Cloud technology is all the rage, whether it’s cloud-based applications, hardware or storage. To be sure, when used judiciously the technology can deliver savings in both software and hardware.

Part of the allure of the cloud is that is relieves demand on your on-premise IT infrastructure. If you’re using cloud-based applications for ERP, CRM and the like, that means you need fewer servers in your various branch offices and other sites, right?

Yes, it does, but it also can heighten the demands and expectations of certain on-premise IT systems. Your cloud access node, where your connectivity and networking infrastructure resides, suddenly takes on added importance. It has to meet the same service level agreements (SLAs) that your cloud providers promise, or else those SLAs won’t mean very much. In short, if your connection to the cloud isn’t performing as it should, or fails entirely, employees won’t be able to access the tools they need and productivity will naturally suffer.

And it’s not just the cloud that is straining branch offices and other smaller sites. The trend toward virtualisation means companies have fewer, higher-power servers in smaller spaces. Unified communications means they have various media platforms supporting data, voice and video, in the same racks.  And the bring your own device trend means more and more devices of various sorts are accessing – and potentially straining – the corporate network.

In the face of these challenges, it’s really no longer acceptable to stick your IT gear in an unsecured, shared closet in a branch. It has to be treated with the importance it deserves.

That’s where Schneider Electric InfraStruxure for Small IT Spaces comes in. Schneider Electric has long offered its InfraStruxure line for larger data centers, combining integrated hardware and software with secure power, cooling and UPS power protection. Now the same sort of integrated offering is available for smaller branches, server rooms and network closets.

InfraStruxure for Small IT Spaces starts with racks that fit the space for which they’re intended, whether a secure area where an open-frame rack is suitable or a more public one where a secure rack is required. They include a UPS system to protect equipment from power outages and surges, and to provide battery backup power if the main power fails.

Portable cooling units ensure equipment stays at optimum temperatures, with no changes required to your building HVAC or ventilation system. Cable managers allow clean and neat organisation of cables, minimising the time required to troubleshoot network issues and make repairs.

APC by Schneider Electric offers numerous options to further enhance support for IT systems in branches, including remote access, automated management software, and lots of physical protection devices for rooms and cabinets.

Click here to learn more about how to ensure that users in all of your branches and smaller sites stay connected to the cloud and all the rest of the IT resources they need.

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