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Low power can cause NBWL0755 camera to intermittently disconnect or the appliance to reboot.

Low power can cause NBWL0755 camera to intermittently disconnect or may cause the appliance to intermittently reboot.

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NBWL0755 with connected camera

NetBotz 755 requires a POE type 2 connection. Even with POE type 1, the unit may boot but it may not have enough power to also power it's connected camera which may cause intermittent disconnections or reboots.

Please make sure a POE type 2 switch is powering the NetBotz 755.
If using an APC POE injector, please be sure the part number is NBAC0303NA2. Part number NBAC0303NA (without the 2 at the end) is a POE type 1 injector.

It may also be necessary to manually set a POE switch to provide the port connected to the NetBotz 755 with a higher power.
It is believed that the NetBotz pulls a lower power at times and the switch set to automatic may only provide that lower power.

Troubleshooting such configurations shows a vast improvement in these situations when the port is manually configured in this way. Setting the port to static and 60 watts instead of auto will normally resolve the issue. Please check with your switch manufacturers manual for instructions on how to make such a change.

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