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SRT Battery Detection

Problem: The UPS may not immediately report that a battery cartridge has been disconnected in the UPS or in a battery pack connected to the UPS

Product line: UPS models with SRT prefix
Note: This does not apply to SRTL3KRM1UC UPS models, or UPS models with SRTG prefix

Environment: All models, all serial numbers

Cause: When there are more than one battery cartridge installed in a system, and the UPS system is in on-line or standby state, a disconnected battery cartridge may not be reported immediately.

Resolution: This is normal operation and does not indicate an issue with the UPS or the batteries. When a battery cartridge is disconnected in a system with more than one battery cartridges, the SRT system detects the disconnected battery cartridge in the following states:
  • On battery, with load connected to the UPS
  • Self-test, with load connected to the UPS

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