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Error importing cert, code: -32" from APC Security Wizard

After attempting to import a certificate using the APC Security Wizard, an error is returned stating "Error importing cert, code: -32" 

Product line:
APC Network Management Cards

All FW revisions

This error is caused by an "unrecognized data format" - an issue with the template used to create the certificate. It has been reported most often when using Microsoft PKI when creating a certificate.

If using Microsoft PKI to generate a certificate, attempt to use the "Web Server" template. It is also possible to create CA root certificates and NMC Certificates using the APC security wizard. Ensure that the information entered on the "Distinguished Name" page matches the certificate. The "common name" should be the IP address or DNS of the Network Management Card.

This issue will be resolved with a future firmware revision, and this article will be updated with the version number when publicly available.. As part of this resolution, a new version of the APC Security Wizard will be launched simultaneously.

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