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UPS fails to automatically power on if AC Power is restored before PowerChute Network Shutdown has issued a UPS/Outlet Group turn off command.

After PowerChute Network Shutdown has shut down Virtual Machines and Hosts, when AC Power is restored the UPS does not return power to the outlets automatically. The UPS and or outlet groups must be restarted manually.

Product Line:
PowerChute Network Shutdown (PCNS) versions 3.1, 4.0

All supported version of VMware
All supported versions of Microsoft Hyper-V

AC is restored to the UPS prior to the UPS receiving the shut down command from PowerChute. The UPS will turn off and stay off.
Power is lost and after x minutes PowerChute begins shutdown process.
VM Shutdown and vApp Shutdown is performed using a 2 minute delay for each.
After the VM/vApp Shutdown delays have elapsed  vCenter Server VM Shutdown starts using a 4 minute delay.
During the vCenter Server shutdown delay, AC Power returns.
After the vCenter Server VM has been shut down, PowerChute issues a UPS/Outlet Group turn off command and shuts down the Host.
Since AC Power was restored before the UPS shutdown started, the UPS will turn off and stay off.

If AC returns after the UPS shutdown command has been sent, the UPS will go to sleep and then power back up automatically when AC power is restored. If AC returns before the UPS shutdown command has been sent then the UPS will power off and remain off - it needs to be manually powered back on.

NOTE: With the release of PowerChute Network Shutdown version 4.1 the UPS/Outlet Group off command is sent when the VM/vApp command is given. This change resolves this issue. 


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