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Are there instructions for replacing the APC badge on the NetShelter cabinet, Row Power Distribution or InRow Cooling? What about the new door handles?

Customers may want to change the badges or door handles on their current cabinets to match the new design. We need to give them the correct badges, and they may need instructions.

Product Line:
NetShelter SX, SV cabinets and ARU, Row Power Distribution cabinets, InRow Cooling cabinets, EcoAisle

All versions and serial ranges.

Rebranding is changing the badges on our cabinets from APC to Schneider Electric. The door handles on NetShelter cabinets are also changing from the APC logo to a blank door handle.

Replacement door handles are to be sold, not RMA'd. The part number for the new door handle on NetShelter SX cabinets is: 0J-840-0206B-002.

During this transition please RMA replacement door badges to any customer wishing to replace the APC door badges with the new Schneider Electric badge.
Here's a list of the available door badges:
0J-0B9271 (qty 5) is the replacement door badges for NetShelter SX: AR3XXX; SV; AR22XX, AR24XX, AR25XX; InRow Cooling: ACRP1XX, ACRP5XX, ACRD5XX, ACRC5XX.
0J-0B9269 (qty 5) is the replacement door badge for InRow Cooling: ACRC301S, ACRC301H.
0J-0B9270 (qty 5) is the replacement door badge for InRow Cooling: ACRD1XX, ACRD2XX, ACSC1XX.
0J-885-90380 (qty 5) for InRow Cooling. This does not replace any APC badge.
0J-885-8785 (qty 10) is the replacement faceplate for ACF400 and ACF402.
885-8784 is the new faceplate for ACF400 and ACF402 (ACF115).
0J-885-6362A (qty 6) is the new door badge for EcoAisle.
For instructions on how to remove/replace the door badges please see the instructions attached below.

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ERIN-9PBGX3_R0_EN.pdfERIN-9PBGX3_R0_EN.pdf [2.39 MB]
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