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Are there any NetShelter products or solutions certified by Cisco?

There's need to learn more about APC's products or solutions that are Cisco Certified, or if not ,why.

Product Line:
NetShelter SX Accessories

All versions and serial ranges.

Cisco certifies certain products or solutions to work with Cisco products.


All of the Schneider Electric solutions for Cisco are documented in the Cisco Developer Network Marketplace Solutions Catalog:
If you click on the title of a solution it will open the document.
If this link does not automatically open the APC product offering simply search on "APC".

The specific solutions for NetShelter are:

-NetShelter SX for Nexus 7000 Series Switches
-NetShelter SX for Catalyst and MDS Series Switches
-Rack Power Distribution with Cisco Energywise
-NetShelter SX for UCS B and C Series servers

Any solution with the ‚ÄúCISCO Compatible‚ÄĚ symbol adjacent to the description have been Cisco Certified and have gone through a testing and approval process with Cisco. Being Cisco Certified isn't the "end all be all" for solutions. It just signifies that we were able to get into the testing and approval process.

A great example of a solution that is not Cisco certified is the solution for Catalyst and MDS. The testing was limited and closed before we had a released solution to the market. They no longer allowed for testing of any other vendors at that point, therefore, we are not a "certified solution".

A solution that’s documented in this list on the Cisco website surely has the backing of Schneider Electric as a company and the rigorous engineering, development, and quality behind it and is a tried and tested solution by us.

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