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Is there a CE Declaration of Conformity document available for NetShelter cabinets?

A CE Declaration of Conformity has been requested on a NetShelter cabinet.

Product Line:

All versions and serial ranges.

Customer is requesting CE Declaration of Conformity for NetShelter cabinets.

The NetShelter cabinets are not subject to any EU directive that requires the issuance of a CE Declaration of Conformity (e.g., the unit does not have the CE mark) -- therefore, there is no CE Declaration of Conformity that we can provide. Please note that it is illegal to provide a CE Declaration of Conformity for a product that is not subject to a CE marking directive and does not have a CE mark.

This is the list of all products requiring CE Declaration of Conformity ("CE DoC" or DoC"): as of 11/09:
Appliances burning gaseous fuels
Cableway installations designed to carry persons
Construction products
Electromagnetic compatibility
Equipment and protective systems in potentially explosive atmospheres
Explosives for civil uses
Low voltage equipment
Machinery safety
Measuring instruments
Medical devices: Active implantable
Medical devices: General
Medical devices: In vitro diagnostic
New hot-water boilers fired with liquid or gaseous fluids (efficiency requirements)
Non-automatic weighing instruments
Packaging and packaging waste
Personal protective equipment
Pressure equipment
Radio and telecommunications terminal equipment
Recreational craft
Simple pressure vessels
Toys safety

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