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Uniflair SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol)

This dcoument describes the Uniflair SNMP (SimpleNetwork Management Protocol).
Product line:

All Models and Serial Numbers



Simple Network Management Protocol







The units, all equipped with an apposite RS485 card, are connected with each other using a serial cable RS485. The last unit is connected to the resistor, the first unit is connected to the Webgate, which is the interface to the ethernet company line, where there is the supervisory software (SNMP manager).


Necessary Material:


• 1 webgate every 16 units



• 1 RS485 serial card for every control;   



• 1 resistor (120 Ω).    OD121JE




  pCOWeb is a device that permits to connect the units directly to the Ethernet line. This card can be used only on the new units, like Leonardo Evolution or Amico with pCO1. pCOWeb transform the unit in a computer, with its IP number.




The operations to follow are the following:

• realize the RS485 net;

• configure each unit (address and speed and protocol);

• configure and install the Webgate; avoid connecting the Webgate to the ethernet net. Before having set  

  correctly the IP address;

• configure the supervisory software according to the MIB table (list of available variables and 


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