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Disabling "Scripting of Java applets" causes Problems with PowerChute Agent Log-on"

Disabling "Scripting of Java applets causes Problems with PowerChute Agent Log-on

PowerChute Business Edition

Microsoft Internet Explore

Disabling "Scripting of Java applets"


You can Access PowerChute Business Edition Agent User Interface with Microsoft Internet Explorer.  Please note that PowerChute Agent web interface requires Sun Microsystems VM plug-in for your web browser for PowerChute 8.5.2 and below. As PowerChute Agent is Java based,  you will need to enable Scripting of Java applets to display PowerChute Agent web page normally. 

If you disable Scripting of Java applets in Internet Explorer:

  • you cannot log on to PowerChute Business Edition Agent.
  • An error will be present on the left bottom of  log-on screen of PowerChute Business Edition Agent. The details for this error is : Problems with this Web page might prevent it for being displayed properly or functioning properly. 

The Work around to this problem is to enable "Scripting of Java applets" in Internet Explorer.  For Internet Explorer 6.0, you enable "Scripting of Java applets" as follows:

  • Select Internet Options on the Tools menu in Internet Explorer
  • On the Security tab, open the list of custom level settings.
  • Under Scripting, near the end of the list, enable "Scripting of Java applets.

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