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NetBotz | USB-attached external storage data loss due to upgrade/downgrade

Published date: 22 July 2020

NetBotz appliance firmware upgrade or downgrade causes USB-attached external storage data loss

Product Line:
NetBotz v3 Wall Appliance: 355/356 (NBWL0355/6) & 455/456 (NBWL0455/6)
NetBotz v3 Rack Appliance: 450/451 (NBRK0450/1), 550 (NBRK0550), & 570 (NBRK0570)

NetBotz 300-500 Series (all versions)


When upgrading (or downgrading) any version of NetBotz firmware when the running version has been configured to support USB-attached external storage, camera capture images and alert history (graphs and other alert information) are deleted from the storage device when it is re-attached under control of the upgraded or downgraded firmware.

Workaround: Use network-attached storage instead (Windows share or Unix NFS).

Fix Status: No fix available.

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