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Data Center Expert | PDU Network Port Sharing (not-supported)
When associating devices within Data Center Operation (DCO) all sensors will be shown under ... you to associate the sensors to multiple devices.
What is priority scanning in StruxureWare Data Center Expert?
DCE then polls the device for their sensor data and current state. DCE will alert based on the retrieved information.
Data Center Expert | Deleting a device causes all associated information to be deleted.
This means that all historical sensor data , alert data , and surveillance data will be deleted.
Data Center Expert | v7.4.2 is no longer available
Resolution You will lose the historical sensor data collected since you updated to v7.4.2.
Video: Data Center Expert | How do I delete old data?
... the Types of Data to Manually Purge ... include Alarm History Data , Alarm Binary Data , Sensor Data , Untagged or All Surveillance Data , or a ...
Data Center Expert | How do I Generate / Export Reports?
9) Select OK and DCE will retrieve the sensor data and then display the report. NOTE:
How to generate RSSI reports for NetBotz wireless sensors in StruxureWare Data Center Expert
Issue : How to generate RSSI reports for NetBotz wireless sensors in Data Center Expert
How to stop emails for a specific sensors threshold?
From time to time we may need to stop notification for a given threshold due to maintenance on other data center equipment.

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